McKinley Campus / South Creek Campus / Bayview Chapel Campus

Thank you for applying to our residency program!

In order to complete your application, use the form below to submit the following items:
1 Letter of Evaluation
2 Letters of Recommendation
1 Personal Essay

We also ask that at the completion of your undergraduate degree a copy of your transcript be provided to us within two weeks. The transcript just allows us to view the supported document for your undergraduate degree.

 Letter of Evaluation Description

We ask that a letter of evaluation describing your preparation and readiness for a residency program accompany your application. This is not a letter of recommendation. In terms of importance to the selection process, this is of value, but not of the highest priority. This letter is intended to be supportive in nature, but it also provides the residency selection process a more accurate picture of a student's ability.

Letters of Recommendation Description

Two letters of recommendation are required. One of these should be from the Department Chair or the Ministry Advisor in your area of ministry focus.

Personal Essay Description

We ask each applicant to write a personal essay that will accompany your application. The first paragraph should introduce you to us. The second paragraph should focus on your call to ministry. The third paragraph should let us know how you arrived at your decision to pursue a residency program and why ours in particular. The fourth paragraph should share about what your dreams are, your long-term goals, or how and where you see yourself in 5 years.
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