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We seek to share God’s love with people in our local neighborhood, in the city of Buffalo, and throughout the world. Check out all of our ministries below.

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 Aids In Africa

We are going to continue supporting AIDS ministry in Africa. Through our partners in Africa, we will continue to make a difference in the lives of thousands of people we will never meet. Whether we are caring for those who are HIV positive or educating youth on how to protect themselves from this preventable disease, we are going to continue to move forward.

World Relief
Poetice International

Jesus in Lebanon

Muslims are coming to faith in Christ in record numbers around the world. One of the primary tools that God is using to do this is His Word. It follows, then, that Scripture distribution is the primary way through which we, as a church, endeavor to share Jesus in Lebanon. We are fanning the flame of the Holy Spirit that is burning in Lebanon and the surrounding countries by supplying hungry hearts with the words of life.

Near East Initiatives

Church in India

India Gospel League, our partner ministry in India, has a plan to plant 100,000 churches in India by 2020. As a church, we have adopted a region in India called Solupur. We are partnering with India Gospel League to plant 625 churches in this region over the next five years.

India Gospel League

Servants Here

Our role as servants is played out both in our neighborhoods and on the West Side of Buffalo. As followers of Jesus, we are called to be His hands and feet, to serve those in need and to show them the Love of Christ.

Jericho Road
West Side Ministries
Peace of the City

Chosen of WCH

Chosen of WCH is here to support, encourage & equip both families that are called to adopt, foster and care for vulnerable children, and for those that are called to support the families who are on this journey.

As the Church, James 1:27 tells us that we are called to "care for the orphans"! Not everyone is called to adopt or foster, but we are all called to do something to care for these children.