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Family Matters

This is where you'll find recent information provided to us by families in our church, including births, hospitalizations, deaths, marriages and anniversaries.  While we may be a larger than average church, we still care very deeply about the personal touch of family.

Sympathy to: 

Doreen Bower on the passing of her aunt, Shirley Jones, on March 4. 

Frank (Marianne) DiChristopher on the passing of his mother, Josephine DiChristopher, on March 9. 

Rick (Debby) Morlok on the passing of his mother, Nancy Morlok, on March 21. 

Laura Swift on the passing of her  father, Don Klavoon, on March 25.  

Congratulations to: 

Chris & Megan McCune on the birth of their daughter, Bernadette Lois, on March 10.

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