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Special Events


What IF we followed God with perseverance instead of insecurity? At IF:Gathering 2018, we will look at one of Paul’s letters to Timothy as he reminded him of the power and responsibility of sharing the gospel. We want to give God away in the very places He’s put us, so we’re going to gather for the purpose of remembering why following God and making disciples matters. We all get tired, we all wonder if what we’re doing matters, so IF:Gathering 2018 will be the reminder--it will be the celebration. The work we’re doing to share the gospel on the earth is worth it and God DOES move through the little things that nobody sees. 

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Elevate is a weekend camping trip (May 25-28) for Middle Schoolers designed to strengthen students in their relationship with God.  Students will have daily bible readings and worship, and be challenged to climb a mountain together.


All fathers and sons – you are hereby directed to report for duty aboard the USS Little Rock Friday 20180413 (that’s April 13th for you civilians) at 1630 hours. Walk the same passageways US Sailors did, eat the same food (not really – but may seem like it!), and Dads – you won’t want to miss the look on your sons’ face when he first crawls in the same bunk sailors of long ago slept in! Hosted by Christian Service Brigade, Dads and sons are treated to dinner and breakfast, overnight on the ship, tours of the USS Little Rock and Sullivan’s, entrance to the Naval andMilitary Museum, and the Flight Simulator. 

Cost is $55 per person for all this! REGISTER HERE.

Special Events