McKinley Campus / South Creek Campus / Bayview Chapel Campus

Campus Keepers is a ministry opportunity for anyone interested in the upkeep and consistent upgrade of our church properties.  From landscaping to new builds and everything in-between.  If you have an area of expertise or simply want to share in some "sweat equity" we'd love to have you serve with Campus Keepers.

For more information and to serve with Campus Keepers, contact Greg Niver via email or by calling our church office at 716-649-6335.


McKinley Campus Office and Group Meeting Space Renovation

Week of October 16:

Open for all hands available, Tuesday, 10/17 from 5:30-8:30 pm

Project: For Lower Office Renovations: Paint, remove floor tiles, scrap to dumpster, sand floor.

If you would like to help and can not attend Tuesday evening, please call the church office so we can get you connected.


South Creek Campus

Project: Add a wall to the back of the worship center to control sound, light and add a defined prayer room and connection center/cafe area.

Project: Replace wood louvers on the steeple.  

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