McKinley Campus / South Creek Campus / Bayview Chapel Campus

A new season for our church is here!  We've been working for the past 7 months through a process that has led to now sharing with you a new name, new logo and refreshed overview statement of who we are as a church.  

Welcome to Watermark Wesleyan Church!

Pastor Ken shared with Membership on May 16 and then with all of us this weekend in services how and why we've come to this point.  We're incredibly excited about the future of our church and the communities in which we live, in part because of the refreshed opportunities this change provides for conversation about who we are with our friends, family and neighbors.  He then shared it recently with our entire church.

Overview Statement

Watermark Wesleyan Church is a community of people on a journey to know God personally, love each other unconditionally and serve our world courageously.

A vibrant part of the Western New York region for more than 60 years, we demonstrate the love of Jesus by authentically caring for our community and meeting the needs of our neighbors. Together, we seek to lift each other up in every beautiful and messy moment of life and make a mark on our community, city and world.

Come be surprised by grace, surrounded by love and encouraged to become who you’re meant to be. Experience a place where you can simply be, because you know that you belong.


  • When will the name be "officially used?".  We're using the summer as a "soft" roll-out.  You'll see the new name and logo in services beginning now.  We're also working on changing all legal paperwork, documents, etc.  As you can imagine, a lot goes into this!  We'll be sharing additional details over the next few weeks as we firm up timelines.  We'll keep this page constantly updated with news!
  • A new website is being constructed now (we're excited!) and is due to be online in early August.  It's a completely new site with both our community as well as our church ministries in mind.  The best parts:  new calendars, search engine and a much more user friendly platform doe desktop and mobile! 
  • Way-finding signage will begin outside by late July/Early August as well.  The goal is to be fully "switched over" by August, with a more firm date coming soon.  We'll be working from the outside'll see signs change over a few weeks time in late July and August.
  • Will our location names change?  No.  Each campus will still be known by location (McKinley, South Creek and Bayview Chapel).  For example, if you attend South Creek, it's Watermark Wesleyan Church @ South Creek.